SoLo Eye Care offers on-site glasses laboratory with 3D custom cut technology.  We stock a wide range of ultra thin single vision lenses with premium scratch resistant and anti reflective coating that enable us to complete 90% of all presented single vision prescriptions.  Many of our patients receive their complete pair of custom frames and lenses in less than 20 minutes. 

Single Vision vs Progressive

The most common type of prescription lens is single vision. Its what many of us picture when we think of glasses, a single prescription power throughout the entirety of the lens. It can be used to correct myopia ( nearsightedness ) or hyperopia (farsightedness).

The most common usage for single vision lenses is for reading, however over the counter glasses have identical prescription power in each eye. For a reading experience tailored to the varying strengths both your eyes schedule a comprehensive eye exam at SoLo Eye Care.

While many people can manage with a single pair of glasses some of us need help to focus at both close and far distances; this is where progressive lenses can be a great solution! Unlike single vision lenses progressives are a multifocal lens; meaning varying prescription strengths allow the patient to focus at near and far distances.