All of our SoLo Eye Care locations are passionate about providing you with quality service and an exemplary product.  We have invested in a leading on-site laboratory and a large stock inventory of premium spectacle lenses to manufacture your complete pair of glasses in as little as fifteen minutes.


Unless your vision benefit plan dictates that we use their out-of-state laboratory, our lens-craft team will custom-create your eyeglass prescription using the finest optics and lens coatings available.  Our lens stock includes polycarbonate lenses for children,  featherweight or high index lenses including lenses for astigmatism. 


We stock lenses with premium antireflective or antiglare glasses coatings that provide clear vision while providing lasting scratch protection.  Because we have a large stock of lenses in our on-site lab, we can complete nearly 95% of our patients’ single vision prescriptions in 24 hours or less. Your new lenses will correctly match your frame, and will be true to the doctors' prescription and quality standards.