Antireflective Coating

SoLo Eye Care feels there are two lens options patients should never be without: antireflective coating and UV protection.

Antireflective lenses are recommended for all ages and provide many benefits.  Over 95% of our patients choose antireflective coatings for their lenses.  Different levels of antireflective coatings are offered.  These lenses provide our patients with clearer vision by reducing glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water to varying degrees.  Our doctors and opticians make recommendations on which level may be the most appropriate and cost effective after considering each individual patent’s needs.

Antireflective lenses mean safer, more comfortable nighttime driving by reducing glare from headlights, taillights and street lights.

Antireflective lenses are clean, clear, and glare-free so they're virtually invisible to those around you. People see you instead of your glasses.  This property is of particular cosmetic importance with the use of flash and film lighting.

Antireflective  lenses mean fewer headaches and less eye fatigue caused by reflections from computer screens and daytime lights.

In addition to providing our patients with superior protection, an antireflective coating will warranty your lenses for a period of one year.  We stand behind our products.  If your lenses scratch within one year from the date of purchase, SoLo Eye Care will remake your lenses in the same prescription at no charge.

UV Protection

Eighty percent of a person's lifetime exposure to UV occurs by age 18, wearing high quality sunwear that blocks 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays is just as important for kids as adults. This is why SoLo Eye Care provides free 100 % UV protective kids sunglasses to child with every comprehensive exam.  The effects of UV damage are cumulative. Every year 3.2 million people go blind from eye conditions caused by prolonged exposure to UV.   Sunglasses and UV protective coatings are as important to your eyes as sunscreen is for your skin.  SoLo Eye Care is committed to protecting your gift of sight.

High Index Lenses

For some of our patients, high index lenses are a necessity.  However, many of our patients do not require a high index lens for their spectacle prescription.  In many cases, regular plastic lenses provide better optical clarity and comfort than a more expensive higher index option.  Our doctors and opticians will always make the most appropriate, cost effective recommendation to meet your needs.

When a high index lens is mandated, we have several thicknesses to choose from depending on the frame size and shape.  We stock 1.74 high index lenses in most prescriptions; many of our patients receive their complete pair of high index spectacle lenses in as little as fifteen minutes.  These lenses are incredibly light and provide the thinnest profile of any high index plastic lens available.  This lens is the most attractive option for our patients with high prescriptions and reduces the cosmetic magnification differences.