Kids Eye Exam


At SoLo Eye Care, we value the confidence and trust our patient’s have in our ability to care for their children.  Many of our doctors and staff have children of our own and will treat your child as if he or she were a member of the family.  We rely strictly on peer-reviewed research and individual tailored solutions when prescribing glasses and treatment for young children.  At SoLo Eye Care, you can be confident that your child will receive a comprehensive evaluation and appropriate, personalized, timely treatment.


Dr. Smolyansky


Based on your child’s comprehensive eye exam, our doctors may recommend further testing with our pediatric and vision rehabilitation optometrist Dr. Val Smolyansky. The testing of your child’s visual skills ability will take approximately 45 minutes. The visual efficiency evaluation will test your child’s visual sensory and motor systems and provide an in depth look at your child’s eye teaming, eye focusing, and eye tracking visual skills.


Eye Teaming (Binocularity):  The ability of the eyes to work together as a team is essential for the brain to process 3D vision or depth perception. 


Eye Focusing (Accommodation):  Our eyes have an automatic focusing system which adjusts the lens inside our eye in order to see clearly at all distances. When we look far away, up close, and back again, our eyes change focus rapidly to allow us to see things clearly at all distances.


Eye Tracking (Oculomotor skills):  The eyes reading a line of print or tracking a moving baseball are every day eye movements. The ability for the eyes to track and move from one target to the next is essential for reading performance, learning, and athletics. 


The visual efficiency examination will be performed in order to determine if your child’s vision or ocular function is interfering with the ability of your child to work, learn, or perform. A Vision Rehabilitation Training program may be indicated if a binocular or oculomotor vision problem is diagnosed. The program is individualized to your child’s diagnosis and ability and will only be prescribed if peer reviewed research demonstrates that your child will receive measurable improvement.