Are you having trouble reading text on your phone?  Is reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant becoming problematic?  If you are over the age of forty and are having difficulty reading small print, reading glasses are not your only option.  Bifocal contact lenses may be the perfect solution to your visual needs.  Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses have undergone dramatic design enhancements over the last decade. 


At SoLo Eye Care, we believe in providing you with the best contact lens technology on the market to allow you to achieve the functional vision you need.  In the past, monovision contact lenses were the only option to provide the presbyopic population with distance and near vision without glasses.  We now have several options available that allow our patients to achieve functional distance, near, and computer vision with soft, hard, or hybrid bifocal contact lenses.


The doctors at SoLo Eye Care are most excited about the incredible advancements in bifocal contact lens technology made by Synergeyes Duette Multifocal lenses.  We have known for years that gas permeable contact lenses provide patients with crisp, clear vision, but they are often uncomfortable and many patients are unable to adapt to the physical feel of these lenses.  Soft bifocal contact lenses can be effective for many patients, but they don’t provide the clear vision and enhanced reading capability that many of our patients demand. 


Synergeyes Duette Multifocal contact lenses combine the best features of both hard and soft contact lenses in a superior bifocal hybrid design.  These lenses have a soft silicone skirt that surrounds a thin gas permeable lens to give the patient superior comfort and clear, stable vision at all distances.  Dr. Robert Steinmetz was chosen as one of the first doctors in the country to provide the Synergeyes Duette Multifocal to his patients in Chicago.  We have had incredible success with this lens and would love to be able to provide you with this new technology.  Call to make your appointment today.